Here’s an excerpt from the Food and Wine Website

“If you like rosé wine, sparkling wine or hard seltzer, then you will absolutely love Cheers,” Andrew Nelson, Hallmark Channel Wines winemaker, said in the announcement. “The new Cheers Rosé is a unique seltzer because it’s wine based. We have been working on this formula for years and believe it’s the perfect beverage for spring and all summer long—it’s the best seltzer you will have all year!”

Do you hear that? “Bzzzzzz” It’s the buzz of summer and the buzz surrounding Cheers, Hallmark channels rose’ wine seltzer! Now is the best time of year to sit back, pop the tab and enjoy your own can (or 4) of Cheers. With our current savings on 6-packs (4 cans in each), you do not have to enjoy alone, you can be the life of the party with our adorable packaging and perfect pink cans. But if you do prefer to enjoy some time to yourself, we have not forgotten about you. Our 2-pack deal has just as much buzz and with something this great, we won’t judge when you hide a few cans for yourself. Check them out at Hallmark Channel Wines and join the summer fun!

The network’s Rosé Seltzer is the newest addition to their line of Hallmark Channel Wines launched last year.